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End of Life Doula Training-Join the movement,Change the world!


August 28th

 End of Life Doula Training 

Complimentary Webinar

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September 27th

 End of Life Doula Training  workshop Level 1

At Bliss Yoga Shala

Jacksonville, Florida

September 28th End of Life Doula Training Workshop Level 2

 At Bliss Yoga Shala

Jacksonville, Florida

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End of Life Doula Program

  Educating community volunteers to be a resource and support for individuals and their families during this precious time of their life.

Join the Movement, Change the World!

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Suzanne B. O’Brien is an author, speaker and consultant committed to educating and supporting individuals and families plan and prepare for end of life care with clarity and dignity.

Her experience as a hospice and oncology nurse inspired the creation of Positive Passings, a forum and resource center for families to begin the conversations around end of life care.


Special care and preparation is given
when we enter this world, why not do
the same when we leave this world.


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Health Link with Benita Zahn

Sharing the importance of End of Life Doulas.

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