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International End of Life Doula Training and Wellness Center New York City


August 8th 1pm-6pm

NYC Training Center  Manhattan, NY


September 12th 1pm-6pm NYC Training Center Manhattan, NY

September 19th 1pm-6pm NYC training Center Manhattan, NY

September 26th 1pm-6pm @ Innovative Health Systems 7 Holland Avenue White Plains, NY 10603

October 3rd 1pm-6pm NYC Center Manhattan,NY

October 17th 1pm-6pm NYC Center Manhattan,NY

October 24th 1pm-6pm

NYC Center Manhattan, NY

Please call The International End of Life Doula Training Center to register for all classes @ 917.409.5785 


COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTE END OF LIFE DOULA TRAINING September 10th @7PM ET click below to register 

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End of Life Doula Training-Join the movement,Change the world!

AUGUST Level 3 "LIVE" TRAINING SATURDAY, August 8th 1-6pm and Sunday, August 9th1-6pm

Learning how to have end of life go well, means to learn how to live well. It is all connected and our International EOLD training and Wellness Centers will offer 3 specific workshops to help people live the best, healthiest and happiest lives ever. Choose a workshop that is right for you.


1) End of Life Doula Training New "live" tele classes start 9/9/15 @7PM and will meet every Wednesday. 4 weeks for each level


2) Holistic Fitness Over Forty- 30 minute complimentary webinar September 16th @ 11AM ET


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AUGUST 8th &9th
Phone Interview required for entry to the Level 3 End of Life Doula Certificate program

Please call 845-337-0389 or email to schedule an

International End Of Life Doula Training and Wellness Center will offer monthly Level 3 Certificate trainings for those who qualify. Classes will be kept to a limited number for optimal learning. The center is located at  86th and Madison Avenue NYC

End of Life Doula Training and Wellness Center New York City

End of Life Doula Training- Learn the skill, change the world! xo


"The feed back from our volunteers after your presentation has been extraordinary. Not only were they enlightened by your material, but also the stimulating Q&A period. Thank you for bringing to light the importance of addressing end of life issues."

Director of Volunteers
Mary Manning Walsh Home NYC

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NEXT "LIVE"Level 1,2&3  TRAININGS AUGUST 8th and 9th 1pm-6pm NYC Center 86th and Madison 

September 12th and 13th 1pm-6pm Levels 1,2&3 NYC Center 86th and Madison 

September 26th and 27th 1pm-6pm Levels 1,2&3 Innovative Health Systems White Plains, NY 845-337-0389 to RSVP

3 Levels of End of Life Doula Training. Choose the one that is right for you. Level 1 is for every caregiver. Level 3 is by interview application and is for those who work in some form of End of life/health care. Home health aides, Nurses, MD's, spiritual chaplains, and/or holistic practitioners. Call today to set up an interview and to see if the Level 3 certificate course is right for you.

Learn the skill - Change the World 

call 845-337-0389 or email 

Click below to REGISTER

Suzanne B. O’Brien RN has created her END OF LIFE DOULA TRAINING based on her clinical experience as a registered nurse at the bedside of the dying. It is a practical hands on education that every caregiver should know in order to fully be able to support their loved one at the end of life. As a hospice nurse for most of her nursing career, Suzanne was always struggling with trying to teach families how to care for their dying loved one at this enormously stressful time. The family is the caregiver and the hospice nurse teaches the family how to do the care. A vital part of hospice care that many people are not aware of. Due to the lack of end of life planning and people not having the basic skills on how to care for the dying, Suzanne has created 3 levels of End of Life Doula Training. " It is an easy comprehensive program that I created from my perspective as a hospice RN to teach to families if I had all the time I needed to give them every thing they needed to know in order to have the most positive experience possible. This program helps reduce stress , educate and support families in caring for their loved one at home. The program teaches someone what to do from the moment of a diagnosis to after the time of death." It is uplifting and empowering". Suzanne is an author, speaker and consultant committed to educating and supporting individuals and families to plan and prepare for end of life care with clarity and dignity. By offering 3 levels of training, we can educate family caregivers, community volunteers and Certified End of Life Doulas.

Her experience as a hospice and oncology nurse inspired the creation of Positive Passings, a forum and resource center for families to begin the conversations around end of life care.


Special care and preparation is given
when we enter this world, why not do
the same when we leave this world.


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Sharing the importance of End of Life Doulas.

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International End of Life Doula Training membership classroom 

 END OF LIFE LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE TRAINING regularly $997 . Call 845-337-0389 or email to schedule an interview today.




End of Life Doula Training  

EOLD Classroom  Level 1 

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End of Life Doula Training  

EOLD Classroom Level 2 

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End of Life Doula Trainings 

EOLD  Level 1

EOLD Level 2 

EOLD  Level 3 Certificate Program

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